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Labatt’s Blue = Overrated

Even a diligent supporter of Big Beer such as myself can be honest and call a spade a spade when need be.  Just because I support Macro Beer does not mean I like all Macro Beer.  Case in point, the Pride of America Jr. EERRRRRRRR Canada – Labatt’s Blue.

Here in Western NY, Labatt’s is big business and considered “good beer”.  I love the people who suck it down because it’s “imported”.  Yeah, from 75 miles away.  Listen, I don’t get hung up on “imported” or “Golden” or whatever labels people throw at beer – big or small.  When it comes to Labatt’s Blue or Blue Light it’s just nasty swamp flavored beer.  I mean while I have never had the desire to drink my own piss, I am pretty much convinced that if I ever did it would taste just like Labatt’s Blue.  I just don’t find anything redeeming about it’s so called quality.  And on top of that, why the hell is it “Blue”?  Last time I saw a Labatt’s being poured, it was rocking the same golden color its better tasting counterparts sport.  I’m sure Labatt’s employees Gord, Karl, Pepin and Roy all sat around one day and came up with the bright idea – “BLUE”!!!  Golden beer that is as blue as the sky.  Well done fellas.  Thanks for reinforcing the stereotypes us Americans have about baby brother. 

If you must ingest a Canadian beer, give Keith’s a shot or even Molson.  they may not be the best choices the Canucks have to offer, but they are head and shoulders above Labatt’s. 

*In all fairness, I will mention the one good Labatt’s Blue Light experience I have had.  A buddy and me took a roadie to Detroit several years ago for a Jim Rome Tour stop.  We got to the decaying metropolis that is Detroit and decided to check out a Tigers game that night.  The stadium was serving 32 oz. Blue and Blue Lights for $7.75.  That much beer for that price at a ball park is a fucking steal.  I ended up as intoxicated as I ever have been in public and had a blast at the game.  Plenty of hi-jinks ensued, but that’s a whole other blog.  Stay tuned to the Don for that one.  Either way, that was the one and only night that the Blue went down easy and tasted good.  It’s possible to have those moments, but don’t expect them!


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Coming Soon: Mulconry’s Traditional Irish Pub

On top of being a champion for Big American Beer (BAB), I am also a champion of suburban living.   So much so that I pretty much have no reason to go to the city unless I want to see a Redwings game or if I want to get shot, stabbed, robbed, have my car stolen, beat down, harrassed, or killed.  Look, I like my house, my yard, and having to drive to get my groceries.  But this is a whole other blog.

 So, when my latest edition of the Fairport-ER Community Newspaper arrived in my mailbox I was quite happy to read in the featured story that right here in Fairport a new bar or “Traditional Irish Pub” is going to be opening soon. 

 Damien Mulconry is an actual Irish fella who met his wife while tending bar in NYC.  She was in college and when she was done she dragged him back to Fairport.  Now that dude is here, he is opening his own Pub on Liftbridge Lane right on the canal.  He is going to feature “traditional Irish fare” which means he is going to be boiling a whole lot of shit.  The pub and restaurant will feature great views of the canal and should offer up a great place to hang outside on a nice summer day/night.  Unfortunately nothing was mentioned about the type of beer he will have, and don’t expect me to seek out an interview.  First I’m not Mark so I don’t care that much, and the dude is a real Irish guy.  That means I’m better than him and don’t need to talk to him.

On the flip side of this great news is this…another Irish Pub.  I can stand anywhere in Monroe county and spit on an “Irish Pub”.  Hell just down the street from the soon to be Mulconry’s is Fairport favorite Donnelly’s Pub.  On top of that, Mulconry is shooting for a more upscale type of a pub.  And while this is good for keeping the riff-raff from Gananda, Macedon, and Walworth out, it also can place a stuffy atmosphere in the bar with simple fuckers like me despise.  I don’t want to feel uncomfortable if I stroll into a bar in my shorts, jeans, or my David Wright jersey.  Maybe this place won’t be like that, but the article might have you believing otherwise.  Also, along with the “old world” feel and the upscale atmosphere come high prices even for watered down BAB, as well as Snobby ass Pittsford clientele and thinks they’re from Pittsford but still in Perinton clientele.  This doesn’t mean I won’t give the place a shot though. 

 The tentative opening date for Mulconry’s is 18APR08.  Give the place a shot.  And city folk, if you venture out please leave the city lifestyle at home.  No guns, knives, or violence please.

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Good Beer Commercials – Welcome Back

If you like beer and have a penis, then you like beer commercials as well.  Unfortunately other than a few good spots in the Super Bowl, it’s been a long time since we have had a nice ongoing campaign built around some creative commercials.  Currently we have 2 such campaigns in effect.

 First off, we have Miller High Life’s certified purveyors of the High Life adds.  We’ve all seen them.  A couple of guys who work for Miller High Life delivering or usually un-delivering MHL all the while dropping witty lines here and there.  If these don’t crack you up, then you’re British.  The main actor plays his role perfectly.  He speaks with such believable disdain when talking about 10 dollar cheeseburgers and him and his boys are taking away the MHL claiming that a place that charges that much for a burger doesn’t deserve to serve the High Life.  On the other end, he is believable as they present a kick ass neon sign to a convenience store owner who dishes up 2 for 1 hot dogs as being a certified purveyor of the High Life.  Of course there are several other skits, and they all crack me the hell up.  I can’t think of a better reason to throw down a beer (other than taste) than being pulled in by a creative marketing scheme. 

Number two would be Guinness’ campaign to make St. Patrick’s Day an official U.S. Holiday.  How great are these adds?  Some guy interviewing “U.S. Holidays” asking them their thoughts on the campaign to make St. Patty’s Day an official U.S. Holiday.  Whether its Thanksgiving mentioning the brass on these guys or his other tirades or Uncle Sam and Abe Lincoln expressing their true opinions are truly classic.  If I could drink more than 1 Guinness every 3 years I would be buying this stuff by the case load just for these commercials.  Unfortunately these adds will go away after the 17th I’m sure, but at least they will be on YouTube!

Also, a couple of Big Beer tidbits for you.  Apparently the not so great state (hey, the Ozarks – ’nuff said) of Missouri is lacking on official problems, because the lawmakers of said state are looking to officially crown Budweiser the “Official Beer of Missouri”.  I’m glad you guys are on top of that.  Never mind the astronomical crime rate in St. Louis that has it drawing comparrisions to Detroit, or the alarming rate of inbreeding in the Ozarks.  Let’s use our time and resources to “Officially” crown Budweiser the beer of Missouri.  Well done fellas.  Also, Miller brewing is offering Miller High Life Extras for the next year or so.  In the great tradition of Camel Cool Points and Marlboro Miles and McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces, Miller is not offering you a way to collect points you can redeem for gear that everyone else will crack on you for wearing.  Have at it fellas.  However, if I can score a “Certified Purveyor of the High Life” neon sign, I’m there.

That’s all for now.  Still working up a blog on Malt Liquor as well and proper beer and food parings Macro style. 


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Friday’s Focal Point – Beer Snobs

One of the things that prompted me to start his blog (other than the fact I like American beer and Mark wanted me to), was the back that those in the Craft Beer Movement seem to be trying to but beer on the same level as wine. 

 Now listen, I have been to a few winery’s.  I have seen Sideways.  I personally don’t get off on doing the old sniff, swirl, swoosh, sip just a bit, then spit into a big nasty fucking bucket.  If I find a wine I like, I buy it and drink it.  Thats it.  I really don’t get down with the whole wine and food or wine and cheese tastings.  Just not my bag.  However now a days, Craft beer fan seems to be trying to put beer in the same catagory as wine. 

 A good friend of mine Mark Tichenor writes for Beercraft.  This is a print column in a local fish rag as well as a frequently updated website/blog.  If you are reading this blog, you were probably referred from his page.  Anyway, Mark is a phenomenal writer and dude knows beer.  He knows so much about beer it boarders on the line of being almost disturbing!  Of coursethat doesn’t mean that I don’t read his columns and blogs because I do.  I even try and keep as open a mind as I can when reading another blog about the virtues of Germany’s beer.  However where I start to loose focus is usually in his discription of the beer.  Most notably when he refers to floral and fruity scents and tastes.  Uhm yeah, floral and fruity.  Like I said, Mark can flat out write.  As I read his discriptions its almost like I have an invisible beer infront of me and I can smell the subtle floral aroma, then like in a bad Kid’n’Play movie I hear the sound of a scratching record as I snap back to reality.  We’re talking about a friggin’ beer here and I’m smelling flowers?  Come on!!!  Not too many things are more manly than beer (well maybe Chuck Norris drinking a beer).  Why is it that in this review of a manly beverage am I reading about its fruity aftertones and floral scent?  Hang on…Okay, I’m back.  I had to check and may sure I still had a package (and yes, its size is rather impressive).  As a guy I flat out don’t care about my beer smelling like the bouqet of flowers I had to give my wife the last time I fucked something up.  If my beer doesn’t smell like piss, shit, or skunk its probably going to be alright with me.  I also don’t need discussions of the fruity nature of my beer.  Come on, this is beer, don’t turn it into a glorified Zima

Taking this all a bit further, now I have been reading (through Mark of course) that a couple of the local bars here in Crapcehster are starting up ye olde beer tastings complete with a plate of cheeses and glorified lunch meats.  Another place puts on a sit down meal while they explain which beer should go with what.  Okay seriously, this is taking beer snobbery to a whole new level.  It’s beer.  If you think it tastes good, drink it with that you want!  And while I am bashing…don’t get it wrong.  I bash because not only do I not “get it”, but because beer snobs like my man Billy-Shan are quick to pile on a person because they like Coors Light and are proud of it.  Beer snobbery at its worst son.

 Perhaps if Beer Snob could live in harmony with regular beer drinker, there wouldn’t be such a divide.  It’s all beer after all.  Beer snob has turned into that stuck up cheerleader you used to like in High School.  You know the one who was smokin’ hot and could suck a gold ball through a garden hose, however she would look down at you like you were the lowest form of life on earth.  As you nod your head…yeah, that bitch.  Somehow beer snob look down on those of us that enjoy a frost brewed Coors Light, or an MGD.  There is plenty of beer for all of us…even with the hops shortage.  I can drink my Miller High Life right along side of someone drinking a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or a Spatan.  I’m good and open minded like that.  Come on beer snob, stop the hate!

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Punks Jumps Up To Get Beat Down

Well, it didn’t take long for the haters to make their presence felt here in my extremely tiny slice of the beer blogging world and it is none other than an old ace boon coon of mine William H. Shannon

Apparently my much older and reclusive friend has taken exception to the fact that I have started a blog about Big American Beer and the fact that I support it.  You can read his comments in my “Who am I” blog just below.  Upon reading his spiteful and bitter commentary I had to ask myself, “Why is it alright to blog about European beer and Craft beer, and anything else along those lines, but if I want to blog about Bud, Coors, or Miller its just wrong?”  And that ladies and gentlemen is something I cannot answer. 

According to Mr. Shannon (who is a legit connoisseur of beer – all respect due) , Big American Beer is forcing us all to “drink that same fizzy crap”.  I don’t know about you, but I have a mind of my own that I use on a regular basis.  I prefer to drink Mic Ultra over Vermont’s Magic Sack #9.  I prefer to drink Bud Light over Saranac Pale Ale.  I prefer to drink a Negra Modelo over a Corona.  Yet on the other hand, I prefer to drink a Brooklyn Lager or whatever the hell there main brew is over Labatt’s Blue.  Why is it that I an alleged “Mr. Rebellion” am turning into a conformist because I feel like blogging about the beer I like?  Who cares if it’s the same “fizzy crap that tastes the same from brand to brand”?  Its what I like…and I do try craft beers.  I try European beers.  They do not suit my tastes.  Every now and then I find something I like. Blue Moon, Stella, Brooklyn, Rorbach Blueberry Ale etc.  Hey, I’ll talk about them too.  But don’t act like a jamook just because I’m going to rep Big Beer.  I like it.  If you don’t, you can get the Bozak (again). 

Certainly my blog frequented by about 3 people will not put a cramp in the side of Craft Beer nor will it single handedly keep Big Beer Booming.  Next up will be the effects of drinking beer as a High School Sophomore the night before a Biology Final.

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Friday’s Focal Point – Mexican Beer

I’m really against doing a regular feature, only because I don’t want to get locked into doing someone that my 2 or 3 readers might look forward too, so I present to you the semi-regular Friday Focal Point.  It’s nothing more than a fireside chat about something beer related.  Wait a second, isn’t that what pretty much every blog post is?  *Scratches Chin*  Crap, I’m already breaking my own balls.  Anyway, one with the show.Today’s focal point is beer from our friends South of the Boarder.  I won’t front and act like I have tried copious amounts and variety’s of Mexican Beer, but I have tried enough to blog about it. 

 What brought this on was last Friday, the ole lady and I went to a Mexican Joint here in the city and met up with 2 other couples for dinner.  Brenna and I arrived first and we each ordered a beer.  After looking at the menu I grabbed a personal favorite, Dos Equis XX Lager while she had the Dos Equis XX Amber.  Dos Equis on tap is always a pleasant surprise on a list populated by Bud, Bud Light, Mic Ultra etc.  Sure they are beers I like, however I’m down with a little culture here and I wanted a decent Mexican beer.  As the other couple’s arrived, they started scanning the drink menu.  I know you know where I am going to go with this, you have too.  I had one person from each couple pegged to order the obvious.  Sure enough I was right. Here comes the Corona order with the lime and all.  I privately shook my head.  Don’t get me wrong, Corona is a decent beer.  I enjoy knocking a few back now and then, however I’d much rather have a lemon wedge in mine rather than a lime.  However when there are other choices on the menu for beer that fits the cuisine, give the Corona a pass!

See, down in Mexico, Corona is their version of Milwaukee’s Best.  The Mexicans are laughing themselves all the way to the bank every time they export this stuff to us knowing there will be plenty of gringo’s ERRRRRRRRR Americans (and yes, you to Ukers where it’s the number one import there as well) who will readily snatch up the beer at inflated prices because they think they are drinking a premium brew.  A lot of us know this.  A lot of us know this and either don’t care or don’t want to believe it.  And a lot of people don’t know this. When you tell them that Corona really isn’t a top notch brew and than the piss water drinking Mexicans laugh at us for throwing as much of this stuff down as we do, they act like you just shot their parents.  Hey look,  sorry.  Far be it from me to be the barer of bad news.  Oh, and there is no Santa Clause, Easter Rabbit, Tooth Ferry, or honest politicians.

Don’t take my dumping on Corona the wrong way.  I am a friend to Corona like I am a friend to American Macro Lager.  However I am also open to giving other beers a chance.  Next time you are looking for a plate of heartburn and gaseous emissions from a place other than Taco Bell, try a different beer.  As mentioned Dos Equis is a good brew to mix with your TacosEnchilladsBorritosQuesediasItsallthesamebutthename.  Other good choices would be Pacifico, Tecate, and Bohemia (another personal favorite of mine), Negra Modelo and Sol.  Some are easier to find than others, but give them a shot.  If my tastes give them a thumbs up, chances are you will like them as well!

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Prepare Yourself For…Bud Light Lime?

Budweiser is looking to give a boost to stagnant sales of Bud Light.  They plan on doing this by adding Lime to the beer just in time for this summers BBQ season.  Following Miller’s lead who last summer unveiled their “chelada” styled Miller Chill which added lime and salt flavors and by consumer research, Bud is looking to jump start sales the way other gimmicks have.

From my personal opinion, this could be a good thing or a bad thing.  I’ve knocked back a few Miller Chill’s and while I don’t mind it, I won’t go out of my way to look for it either.  Beer snobs tore apart Miller and Miller Chill last year as can be expected, and I’m sure Bud Light Lime won’t get a pass either. I’ll give it a shot, however from my experiences with everyone’s favorite Mexican Beer (insert sarcasm here) Corona, I know I actually prefer a lemon slice in my beer as opposed to a lime.  I’m sure Bud Light Lime will see high sales initially, then probably drift out of sight by the end of the summer.

If Bud really wants to improve sales, I don’t understand why they don’t slap a few more decals on Jeff Gordon’s Neckcar rig.  Surely they can fine a little room next to Waltman’s paint and tile near the back bumper.

 For the full story –

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Who Am I? The People’s Beer Drinker!

It’s time to get this thing rolling.

So, just who is the People’s Beer Drinker? Well, it’s me. I’m the typical American. I work 2 jobs and put in a lot of hours throughout the week. I live in Suburbia and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want the most value for my dollar, so you know I’m all about Happy Hour. On top of it all though, I like American beer. Just like everyone else does for the most part. I am not part of the new Craft Beer Renaissance. I have little to no use for Beer from Bavaria or Germany, or anywhere else from Euroland. I like American Lager. I like watered down Light American Lager. I like such beers and I am not afraid to say it.

So right now, you are sitting there reading this and wondering “so who cares, you like what a lot of people like, STFU”. Well, in the growing world of beer blogging, the big shift seems to be towards craft beer. Now don’t get me wrong, I will try craft beer. I might even like a few of them, however to me it’s a novelty. It’s beer package up with unique names and crazy labels to get your attention. Hey, whatever works, I’m not here to shit on people for trying to make their mark. However these blogs that are craft beer oriented also act like “Big” American Beer is the new Great Satan. They dominate the market, they make it hard for the smaller breweries to compete etc. Welcome to Capitalism ladies and gentlemen. Americans like Bud, Mic, and Miller. Boo Hoo. If the smaller guys make a product that Americans like, it will get bought and they will survive and grow. That’s how it works. And spare me the “Big” American Beer has us and our taste buds brainwashed. I’m a grown as man and I can think on my own and I can decide what I like without a commercial with horses, Dalmatians, chicks, or packaging talking about magic hats, mountain ranges, and exotic locals. I’m here to give good ole American beer some run. Will I talk about Craft Beer? Sure, why not when I can or feel like it. Will I bring up some Euro beers? Sure, but I won’t give internet head to the entire continent of Europe because they don’t use rice in their beer. All will be represented and talked about on an even keel. That is the purpose of the beer guy.

So sit back and strap in…not too tight though, because who the hell knows how often I will actually update this thing. The guy who represents your taste in beers is here!

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Stand By…

Very soon I will be making my true initial beer blog post.  I will explain the need for my blog, my goals for the blog, and I will probably take a run at a few people and things as well.  Stay tuned.  It’s coming!

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